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1. Import. Reg file (for WINDOWS 9X/2000)

For WIN9X, save the following text. Reg file, double-click and import into the registry:


For WIN2000, the same is to create a. Reg file, the same as above, only replace the first line "REGEDIT4" to "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00".

Special Note: This method is invalid for WINXP.

3, reg command (for WINDOWS XP)

Click [Start] - [run], in the dialog box, type reg delete hkcu / software / microsoft / windows / currentversion / policies / system / v disableregistrytools / f, click OK.

4, using the. Inf file (for all WINDOWS)

Create a text file, change the file extension. Inf, which enter the following:







Then right-click the file, then click [Install].

5, Group Policy (for WINDOWS 2000/XP_PRO)

Click [Start] - [run], in the dialog box, enter "gpedit.msc", click [OK], open the Group Policy, navigate to the [User Configuration] - [Administrative Templates] - [System], double-click the "Disable Register Table editing tools ", choose [not configured] or [disabled], click [OK].

6, using other registry editing tools (for all WINDOWS)

Disable editing the registry in fact can only disable the WINDOWS own Registry Editor Regedit, but not limit the other registry editing tools, more useful registry editing tool are Registry Workshop, Resplendent Registrar, Reg Organizer, etc.. Use these tools to open the registry, find HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / System, delete the value "DisableRegistryTools", ok.

7, use other users name to log and modify (for WINDOWS 2000/XP)

This method is more trouble than just be a reference. For example the current user is not Administrator, log off current user, using the Administrator account to log in, run regedit to open Registry Editor. In Registry Editor, click the HKEY_USERS root key, and select [Load Hive] under [File] menu, open the "C: / Documents and Settings / user name / NTUSER.DAT" file, and then click [ Start] pop-up dialog window, in the [item name] box, enter a name. Under the HKEY_USERS will have a new subkey items just entered, in which to find Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / System, delete the value "DisableRegistryTools". back to the sub-item just selected, then choose [Unload Hive] under [File] menu.

Attention. Editing the registry may be at risk, it is necessary to ensure that you have backup the registry before do this. The best method is to use Best Registry Cleaner Softwareto repair it.

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